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Contract Negotiation

All about contract negotiations from the central office perspective

Contract Negotiations 101
F&A Rate Agreement Process
Managing State and Local Awards

This session is intended for those new to working with awards from state or local entities, or who have had very limited exposure. The session will include best practices for account set-up, invoicing, and financial reporting due to the complexity of back-up documentation required by state and local agencies. Review and negotiation of agreements with State of Arizona (ABRC, AZ DHS, AZ DOT, etc.), counties, cities, school districts, etc. (IGA’s, ISA’s MoU’s)

Networking Events

Relax, sit back, and enjoy a break in your day with one of the TURAC networking sessions.

Morning Yoga
Walk & Talk
Building Your Career in Research

There are many opportunities for a career in research administration. This session is intended to provide career path information to those interested in learning about these opportunities.

Choose Your Own Adventure: Careers in Research Administration
Going from Good to Great, Starting with Grit
Organization Structure/Training Methods: Experience of the UAHS Research Administration Office

In this session, the University of Arizona Health Sciences Research Administration Office will describe the structure and training program we’ve implemented to staff our office with capable Research Administrators. Standard Operating Procedures, evaluation rubrics, and a timeline of projected milestones will be presented and explained, as well as a brief report on our outcomes for three cohorts. We welcome any suggestions for improvement, as well!

Updating Your LinkedIn Profile
Welcome, Land Acknowledgement, and Plenary Speaker