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Careers in Research Administration

Choose Your Own Adventure: Careers in Research Administration

Choose Your Own Adventure: Careers in Research Administration is a dynamic session aimed at illuminating the diverse pathways within this field. Participants embark on an exploration of research administration career options, guided by discussions on mentorship, ownership, and available resources. Attendees learn to take the lead in their professional development by actively pursuing opportunities for growth and leadership. Through interactive discussions, they gain practical strategies and skills for taking their career to the next level. This session also offers a wealth of resources—from educational programs to networking opportunities—empowering individuals to succeed in research administration.

Cohesion through Communication: Strategies for Connecting Across Divides

Communication is at the heart of relationship-building, research community education, and maintain successful processes and partnerships. At times, however, it can feel like stakeholders in different groups speak different languages (pre-award/post-award staff, central/departmental, staff/faculty). In this session, we will discuss strategies for communicating and connecting with colleagues successfully.

Collaboration: Why Your Work Matters

As the TURAC 2024+ Convening draws to a close, we invite you to join us for a lively and inspiring capstone session! During this session, and linking back toward our opening Plenary remarks, our presenters will summarize the past 2 days of Convening programming and deliver some thoughts around this year’s theme of Connection – Collaboration – Cohesion. Attendees will recognize and affirm their important service roles to the research faculty, staff, sponsors, and industry partners that make up our ecosystem of Research Administration. Attendees will be encouraged to share their perspectives on the important elements of successful research administrative work, and collectively draw similarities between the host institutions they emanate from. By session conclusion, we hope to highlight the importance of Connection – Collaboration – Cohesion in all we do!

Going from Good to Great, Starting with Grit

In this session new research administrators will get a light onboarding experience. Guidance on where to start as an RA, ask questions, and get access to professional development resources. 

Project Management in Research Administration

Tricks, tips, and tactics to manage people and the work to meet the deadline.

Navigating the Nexus: Research Administration and Strategic Connections Across Arizona

This panel discussion will delve into the multifaceted dynamics of research administration, strategic connections, and their critical intersections with tribal nations, Arizona universities, state, and local entities. Experts from diverse backgrounds will share insights, best practices, and real-world examples to navigate this nexus effectively, fostering meaningful collaborations and advancing equitable research endeavors. Join us for an illuminating conversation on the pivotal role of research administration in bridging academia, state and local entities and tribal nations for mutual benefit and cohesive, sustainable development.

Compliance Checklist and Export/Research Security
F&A Rate Agreement Process
Hot Topics in Contracting
Institutional Management of Conflict of Interest
Advanced Budgeting: Problem-Solving Strategies for Budgeting Issues/Concerns
Fiscal Compliance and Minimizing Audit Risk
Managing Fruitful Research Collaborations with External Partners
Navigating Complexities of Award Changes
Post-Award Best Practices for Collaborative Management of HHS-Funded Awards
Setting Up New Awards for Success
Empowering Institutions: Navigating HSI Designation for Funding Success
Hot Topics in Pre-Award
Making Pre-Award Decisions for Post-Award Success
Morning Yoga
Updating Your LinkedIn Profile
Walk & Talk
CLARA Info Session
Senior Leadership Connection
Welcome, Land Acknowledgement, and Plenary Speaker