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Limited Submissions: Who, What, Where, When, How and Why

This presentation will cover Limited Submissions topics such as the following: what Limited Submissions are; why Limited Submissions are managed at the institutional level; where to find limited submission opportunities; how to advertise to campus, LS terminology and vocabulary; institutional timelines; best practices and purpose; examples of common LS opportunities; and Limited Submission trends.

The presenters from three institutions will share multiple case studies and analyses of best practices in the limited submission process, allowing insight into how to navigate each institution’s unique processes.

Federal agencies, foundations, and other funders are increasingly using limited submissions to restrict the number of applications they receive. Management of limited submissions is a core function of research development and sponsored project offices at ASU, NAU, and UA. Research Administration professionals are crucial to the Limited Submissions process and opportunity management by working directly with faculty.

Navigating Proposals that Include Industry Partners

When preparing a proposal, we use assumptions and language familiar to us, but industry operates in an entirely different way, and most of what we do is unfamiliar to them.  This session will explain the differences to help you better navigate working with “industry.”

NIH and HRSA Training Grant Submissions Unraveled

This presentation will go over two types of federal training grants: HRSA Training grant submissions and NIH “T” proposals. Nancy Osgood will cover the HRSA grant, and Barbara Schay and Megan Derksen will cover the NIH “T” grants. Covered areas will include the following for both types: planning for the submission, timetables, checklists, components of each, constructing budgets, portal systems used by each, involving graduate college, sponsor FAQs, involving external stakeholders, what works/what doesn’t work, working with faculty/tips, and tools.


Audit Readiness with ASU’s Fiscal Oversight

During the first half of the session, we will go over common audit findings from the National Science Foundation and will provide department-level best practices on how to avoid them. We will conclude the session by discussing how to prepare for an external audit.

Budgeting and Spending 101

A budget is an essential component of all research proposals. An effective proposal budget serves as a financial blueprint that demonstrates to the sponsor you have carefully considered how the research will be conducted and what resources will be required. If your budget numbers are inaccurate, confusing, unrealistic or incomplete, reviewers may conclude that the research project has similar weaknesses. Proposal budgeting also has a huge impact on how the project is executed post-award. In this session, we will review the basic requirements of pre-award budgeting and discuss working with investigators to ensure a comprehensive and cohesive budget and budget justification. We will also explore the post-award implications of pre-award budgeting.

Budgeting and Spending 201

Recognizing that the budget is a critical and highly scrutinized element of the proposal, complex or unique projects often require more detailed examination and planning to ensure compliance and smooth execution post-award. In this session, we will build on the Budgeting and Spending 101, exploring the complicated, infrequent or time-consuming budget elements managed by research administration and their post-award impact.

Navigating the 2023 NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy: Understanding the Impact on Research Administrators

This session will cover the new NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy, effective January 2023. We’ll talk about what you need to know to prepare yourself and faculty for the new requirement, including:

  • How this policy differs from the previous version
  • Required forms and documentation for the NIH application process
  • Tools and resources available to help
  • Budgeting and costing advice
  • Outreach strategies across institutions
Post-Award Discussion Forum

To help us better prepare meaningful post-award content for future iterations of TURAC+, we are hosting an interactive session that will serve as a planning and discussion forum to identify post-award issues faced by the research advancement community. Bring your questions and your ideas!

Treat the T&C with TLC at the department level

This session will cover best practice to disseminate the terms and conditions (T&C) to research admins, principal investigators and other project personnel so that compliance is maintained during the span of the sponsored project. Tips on how to manage the awards will also be covered.

Building Research Administration Infrastructure at Diné College

Less than a year ago, Diné College established Na’al Kaah Bee Honít’i’: Research, Innovation, and Practice, with the vision of creating a full-service research infrastructure for investigations and projects  that have local and global significance to benefit the Navajo Nation. The vice provost for research, director of sponsored projects, and the pre- and post-award coordinator positions are all new positions. We look forward to sharing the procedures and practices we have instituted so far, and will facilitate a dialog that seeks input from other research administrators at TURAC+.

Core Research Facilities – Advancing Research and Development

An open discussion to discuss our Core Research Facilities and how we work together to advance research and development in our Arizona Universities

Onboarding in a Virtual World

The Proposal Functional Group at Arizona State University has had many experiences onboarding new staff throughout the pandemic. We would like to share our experiences as a staff member being on boarded, as a supervisor onboarding, and activities that we have found are helpful in connecting new hires to colleagues.

Q&A with the National Science Foundation

The information booth squad, Natalia Areño, Nancy Parker, Tiffany Lehn, and Jessica Robins (all ASU), will be hosting Q&A with Justin Poll of the National Science Foundation, Division of Financial Management! Be prepared to hear a sponsor’s perspective on applicants and grantees, and to ask questions that you’ve always wanted to ask a federal sponsor.

Q&A with TURAC+ Presenters

Join the information booth squad, Natalia Areño, Nancy Parker, Tiffany Lehn, and Jessica Robins (all ASU),  for a Q&A with some of your very own TURAC+ presenters! Come listen to deeper dives into their session topics and experience as a presenter, or take advantage of the conversation to ask a group of research administrators about something you are encountering at your institution.